Monday, 11 June 2012

what a weekend

it's incredible how things are always always always changing here.. nothing stays the same for long..

on friday our roommate jake left.. now, most of you already know my feelings on the matter so i'll try to bring some grace into my life and be equally as thankful that he was there as that he has left. deep breath in. deep breath out. released. gone.

so jake left on friday and we were expecting our new roommate to get here on saturday morning. i had been talking for a month that i would be here to greet him but by the time aldo and i looked at the clock it was 10:41. ugh. so i shot out of bed, hustled home and there he was: my six foot, red-bearded, blue-eyed, full-body freckled bundle of joy from maine. what a win.

all luke wanted was ceviche and beer, so after some grocery shopping for the essentials, we went to cocoros for lunch. nathaly, aldo, luke and i enjoyed some pez espadad with lots of cusquena rubia and spanish lessons. luke is so willing to learn and excited to be here that it totally brought back a flood of emotions of when i first got here too.. and it was recent enough that i don't even think i've yet passed it.. but i am very thankful for luke as he is a gem. afterwards we went to cabo blanco to watch the portugual-germany game with more beers. portugal lost which was heart-breaking but it was a great afternoon.

then yesterday we had lunch at brandon's which was WONDERFUL. aldo got to meet the fam and we had lots of amazing food, lots of beer (again), lots of laughs (like always) and it was just a really relaxed, wonderful afternoon.

just another wonderful weekend here in talara. this weekend i am going to take luke to lobitos because he is dying to get into that water and hit some waves, so i will show him around that beautiful little city. a couple weekends after that i'll be heading up to organos/mancora (beach towns) with aldo and his friends for a weekend under the sun and i am also planning a trip to lima at the end of july! yaayyy!

hope all is well with you. all is well here. miss you all.

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  1. I'm glad he turned out to be amazing! I am still amazed at how much I love reading all about this adventure of yours.
    Much love